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Why Authenticity Could Be the Key to Unlocking a Balanced Workplace

According to LinkedIn’s 2023 workplace learning report, 83% of organizations want to build a more people-centric culture. This is probably because a people-centric culture has been shown to have mutual benefits for both organizations and employees—with higher job satisfaction, better overall performance, higher rates of workplace collaboration, and higher employee [...]

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Why the Future of a Successful Career Marketplace Relies on DEI

Antiquated acquisition practices have been perpetuating challenges for DEI in TA and HR, and the ripple effects are being seen all the way down the talent pipeline. In fact, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review shed light on the lack of accountability in TA, with only a third [...]

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Why a Skills-Based Model Will Help Build Stronger and More Engaged Teams

The career landscape is transforming at an unprecedented speed in 2023, and many business leaders are struggling to keep pace. Questions like "What elements define an inclusive workplace culture for our organization?" and "How might we implement hybrid work while still leveraging productivity?”, have many business leaders befuddled— but nevertheless [...]

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How Data Can Help ‘Human’ Remain at the Heart of Human Resources

Professionals in human resources (HR) have found themselves at the center of a major cultural shift. The pandemic, remote work, and the ongoing struggle for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace have all required HR departments to quickly adapt and take on greater responsibilities than ever before. In [...]

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What Will it Take to Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Transformation? The Answer Might Surprise You.

Thanks to the pandemic that just keeps on giving, the career marketplace is again taking a hit. Wide-scale layoffs across industries have left many unprepared workers without a job at the beginning of 2023. Ironically enough, massive amounts of hiring is also taking place—demonstrating the clear need to mature a [...]

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Tenure vs. Turnover: Businesses are Missing the Data That is Right Under Their Noses

No matter which way you slice it—whether you call it the great resignation, quiet quitting, or the white-collar recession—tens of thousands of jobs were lost at the end of 2022. The tech sector was particularly hit hard, with layoffs counting in the tens of thousands and leaving many searching for [...]

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Transforming Data from Deadweight to Discernment

It was found that 67% of senior leaders have been part of at least one underperforming transformation in the last five years. Leaders in 2023 are fighting a multitude of battles, however, including but not limited to inflation, workforce retention issues, and digital transformations that are hard to keep pace [...]

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How Gamification Will Help Eliminate Bias in Hiring For the Workplace

There are many essential practices for good human resources management, and many of them boil down to providing an effective yet egalitarian work environment for the employee. Achieving this requires strategy by companies and should be administered from the very beginning of the hiring cycle. According to an article entitled: [...]

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Defining The Fourth Generation of Human Capability Measurement

The concept of measuring human capability isn’t a new one. One of the first, the DISC assessment, was first proposed almost a century ago in 1928 but is still employed today. These capability measurements set a framework for filling the wide ecosystem of the work world today. What is even [...]

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Is A College Education Still The Ticket to The American Dream?

For Generation Z and Millenials, looming debt has become a participation prize for doing what has become a pre-determined expectation from society upon entering adulthood—which is going to college and getting a four-year degree. This has many compounding after quakes, with a new study finding student loan debt has forced [...]

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Socioeconomic Bias in Talent Management: Why Solving The Issue is Good For Business

If you’ve been around the HR field for more than a day, you’ve likely heard a lot about adverse impacts. Adverse impact involves the categories of classes, such as race or age, that are protected by law—and every major organization has to ensure their processes don’t unintentionally bias against [...]

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The New Bottom Line: People Driven Data Will Shape Employment

The tides of the job market are quickly turning, and in 2022, one could argue that the biggest wave being made is seen in the challenge of retention. The hiring continuum is currently under duress thanks to phenomena like the “The Great Resignation”, with the number of employees who say [...]

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Press Releases

Almas Insight Partners with Circa to Help Organizations Leverage Data to Bolster Human Capital and Build Diverse Workforces

(Seattle, WA, March 29th, 2023) Today Almas Insight announces a strategic partnership with Circa, a leader in providing OFCCP compliance management and talent-acquisition technology solutions to organizations looking to build high-performing, diverse teams. This collaboration will provide Circa’s 5000+ customers with Almas’ proprietary analytics platform aimed at helping companies determine [...]

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Almas Insight Brings on Deloitte’s Industry Leader Michael Griffiths to Advise on Accurately Measuring Human Capability in The Job Market 

[Seattle, WA, USA  August 9, 2022 (, Almas Insight, a company that provides data-driven solutions for organizations to measure needed human skills in the job market, today announces the addition of Michael Griffiths, as an advisor. Griffiths is a principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, with Deloitte's Workforce Development practice in North [...]

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Almas Insight, a Data Company That Focuses on Measuring Human Capabilities, Announces 1.5 Mil USD in Seed Funding From Learn Capital

Seattle, WA, USA February 8, 2022 - Learn Capital, the largest human development investment portfolio in the world, has invested 1.5 Mil USD in funding in Seattle-based company Almas Insight. Almas Insight will allow organizations to hire more strategically, reorganize more efficiently, and compete more effectively with objective, data-driven insight about [...]

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