The Almas Insight Mission

Finding a career path can be chaotic, biased, and confusing. The modern job market is saturated and job listings are getting more and more ambiguous by the day—making the job hunt more challenging for the individual and job placement harder than ever for the organization.

47% of HR professionals say that retention is their top talent management challenge, demonstrating a large gap between the talent pool and the marketplace. With remote work becoming more of an expectation and an exponential number of opportunities on the market— organizations, and individuals are hurting for a better system.

We at Almas believe objective data can help solve this problem. By helping individuals understand their capabilities, and giving organizations the tools to unlock them, we can help the right people get into the right teams at the right times.

We are a business driven by data, striving to push better data throughout the business world to improve industries across the spectrum. If you would have a story you would like to share, it will only help to achieve this mission. Please contact us (here).

High Profile Identification
Career Pathing
Development Insight
Succession Planning
Talent Marketplace

High Profile Identification:

Measuring and developing human skills requires an entirely different approach than that of technical skills. Before an applicant even applies to a role at a company they can utilize Almas’ platform and run through a simulation to better determine where they are a good fit, providing a shortlist of the best-suited roles for that particular candidate. This information can then be shared to both the applicant and those in HR performing placement.

Statistics show that 80% of all employee turnover results from poor hiring decisions. In order for employees to succeed they need to be placed where they not only have the technical skills, but also the human skills, to succeed in their role. Almas’ measurement is based on objectively demonstrated behaviors capturing multiple degrees of the human skills desired by employers. This insight can identify individuals who can perform highly in the roles you need them.

Career Pathing

When companies have insight driven by pertinent data, they can see beyond shortsighted resume bullet points, allowing them to better place candidates prior to hiring and also at every point thereafter. By understanding the human skills needed to achieve high performance in any given role, employees can more efficiently navigate their own careers paths as well. This helps them to find roles where they are not only more likely to succeed but also feel fulfilled—incubating employee retention.

With Almas digital work sample both strategic choices and day-to-day interactions are experienced. This gives companies a better understanding of the optimum human skills for each role in their business while also helping individuals along in their career paths.

Development Insight

In a survey by HBR, only 58% of U.S. workers said their employer provides opportunities needed to continue to develop and grow in their role. When it comes to reskilling and development, so much of the data needed is individual depending on the role, department, company, culture—and much much more.

In a report by Mckinsey, it was shown that 84% of candidates who have success at reskilling are likelier than others to say their organizations has a culture of lifelong learning. Almas simulations are multi-media experiences that utilize cognitive assessments, video questions, and situational judgment. This multi-faceted approach helps to learn about the user and understand their unique developmental strengths and needs based on demonstrated organizational data around specific roles.

Succession Planning

Understanding how an individual fits into industry expectations, company culture, or the relative environment of a business informs companies what they need to know outside of hard skills that are subject to change. This better fosters career paths for both the worker and the companies that come to employ them.

Almas has specific experience studying leadership styles across dozens of world-leading institutions at every level of education from undergraduate to executive MBA. With our solution, you can understand not only the nature of an individual leader but the benchmark DNA of the leaders who are most successful in any role at your organization—giving you the tools to build a succession plan.

With each decision made on the Almas gamification platform, the system learns as it goes, gleaning more information every time about the users’ alignment with the multiple work behaviors behind each identified capability. This means your organization has a continuously evolving profile of what drives leadership success at your organization that stays aligned with the competitive forces you face as they evolve with time.

Talent Profiles/ Talent Marketplace

Last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that overall employee tenure was just over 4 years, a number that has been declining in the wake of the pandemic and the perspective it provided people. This should beg the question as to why businesses can’t seem to keep employees. Almas’ measurement provides human skill data on individuals, teams, functions, or even the entire organization to support data-driven talent decisions. This ensures you understand the talent you already have to a much higher degree than has been possible to date.

Not only can our data help you understand what human skills drive performance for any given project or role, but it also helps to identify where in your company you already have talent that has the capacity to fill current and future needs. With the average cost to hire a new employee at many thousands of dollars—this information significantly cuts costs that come with hiring or contracting out. By leveraging your talent with the human skill data we can provide, you can hire your own talent to start saving money right away.

This can all be done with the help of your preferred service provider, as a tech solution we specialize in working with your trusted partners to provide a step-by-step transformation unique to your company.


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