Solutions for People in These Roles

HR Executives

Any leader in Human Resources understands the importance of efficient, accurate, and sustainable hiring—for without a doubt that is the crux of an HR executive’s role in a company. This requires that HR executives see the big picture for each candidate and employee, for according to a recent research study, development value has a substantial relationship with employee retention.

By offering a cutting-edge approach to integrating objective, people-centric data into the management of a company’s workforce, the Almas analytics platform helps HR execs put the right people into the right place at the right time. In an increasingly difficult time of hiring, Almas provides a fourth-generation solution to the business sector’s talent process, providing companies the capacity to determine a long-term plan from hiring to retiring.

Identifying The Best Candidates for The Long-run

A strong onboarding process improves retention rates by 82% and productivity rates by 70%. With the objective actionable business data needed to make 21st-century talent decisions, HR leaders can help their respective companies not only hire the right candidates but also provide a successful path for them within the companies’ broader trajectory.

  • Understand important skill benchmarks for the company’s variety of roles
  • Determining human capabilities in candidates that align with these roles
  • Gleaning people-centric data to help drive business insight and performance

Fostering Collaborative Culture

Maintaining a healthy work environment can be a major factor in staff development and retention, and this comes from fostering a culture of collaboration across departments at a company. This requires a business to be able to specifically articulate its values, beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that are the key elements of an organization’s culture.

  • Providing a fourth-generation solution help construct definition of workplace culture
  • A platform validated for use across the global workforce for populations at any scale
  • Helps to build more effective professional growth plans for individuals in the greater ecosystem of the company

Transparent C-level Talent Management

Talent management has become increasingly difficult for many reasons in recent years. With remote work becoming an expectation, and an exponential amount of opportunities on the market, employees are losing touch with employers—demonstrating a better system for talent management is needed.

  • Benchmark, analyze, and verify a competency model with the support of a rapid process and trusted channel partners
  • Integrates seamlessly with a company’s HCM system or can be used standalone

Allows leaders to monitor and make adjustments based on people-centric data, transparently communicating new management strategies to the wider company

CIO and IT Leaders

The digital age is upon us, and according to Gartner, digital transformation is actually one of the main conduits to achieving culture in the modern-day workplace. This makes it so CIOs and IT leaders are just as responsible for culture change as chief HR officers—especially with a growing remote work population. But leaders in technology can’t be expected to shift cultural paradigms without the roadmap needed to do so, which is provided by applicable human-centric data.

Human capabilities are rapidly becoming the key piece of missing data in talent management because they’re hard to measure and self-reporting has a track record of failure. Almas helps any organization procure actionable business data needed to make 21st-century talent decisions, and our solution has been validated for use across the global workforce for populations at any scale.

Integrating a productive and connected remote workforce

Spawned from almost a decade of research, and supported by the National Science Foundation, Almas has been tested in dozens of leading universities around the world and is now ready for business. We help technology leaders glean human-centric data to integrate a connected community of workers, no matter where they are.

  • Integrates seamlessly into your HCM system or can be used standalone, leveraging the power of actionable business data in the greater company infrastructure
  • Benchmarking data and analyzing it to employees work better together, and create more effective, agile teams
  • Capacity to align talent acquisition and workforce planning strategies with HR through a single-pane dashboard view

Closing the skills gap, fostering sustainability

Currently, 67% of global digital leaders struggle to keep up pace with organizational change due to a lack of people with the right technical skills and knowledge. Innovative solutions are needed to ensure that organizations can get the right people into the right positions at the right time.

  • Provides actionable business data to hire and retain employees with the hard and soft skills that will drive further digital transformation
  • Derives insight needed to develop in-house skills, helping to close skills gaps in a cost-effective way
  • A fourth-generation solution that provides data to help maximize the potential of current employees and hire the most form-fitted candidates for company culture

21st-Century talent decision-making

Almas aims to provide a solution that can revolutionize the business world now and in the future through objective and accurate data. Providing a fourth-generation data solution, we integrate easily with your systems and processes to help talent acquisition and retention be both efficient and effective.

  • Simulation method to help identify human capabilities that generate people-centric data that can be utilized with both individuals and entire organizations
  • Maximize organizational effectiveness and team performance at all levels of your company

Integrating culture-focused technology to create a human-driven employee experience

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders

According to Forbes, the argument to ensure that DEI is incorporated into company operations and culture is valuable based on two simple, factual observations. One, asset diversification always yields superior results, and two, human assets outweigh all other corporate asset classes. In fact, companies that have diverse and inclusive workforces are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors.

Aside from race, ethnicity, gender, and other demographics, an inclusive approach to communication brings in a diversity of thought, experience, and skills, which makes for a robust workforce. By ensuring that your company has the tools needed to focus on the skills of each person, no matter race or religion, Almas helps DEI leaders to put the right people into the right position without bias, and by proxy create a more collaborative and inclusive workplace.

Driving people-centric culture

Hiring for an intentional culture is key in today’s day and age, as the new realities of leadership in business call for a balanced workplace. Almas provides actionable business data that helps to fill in gaps and allows companies to both shape and shift their culture to be more equitable, and effective.

  • Providing companies with the critical tools to address recruitment inequality
  • Generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees, remote or otherwise, to drive productivity
  • Fast-track integration for new hires and increase emotional intelligence for leaders and employees

Creating a symbiotic culture across departments and roles

Without a DEI strategy implemented into an organization’s KPI metrics, a company could be missing out on talent that could drive its organization to the next level. Almas provides a proprietary solution through a game-based simulation that defines human capabilities, which derives the data DEI leaders need to improve talent management.

  • Human capability insight helps managers understand where employees and candidates fit into the cultural framework, helping to improve employee retention
  • People-centric data to help form career development plans across roles and departments
  • Actionable business insight to increase performance and identify high-performance individuals

Promoting inclusion for better inter-operations and results

Interestingly enough, skills that make effective salespeople are most often gender-neutral soft skills, and they apply equally to introverts and extroverts. This means that modern-day DEI leaders need to wield strategy when it comes to better incorporation within their workforce.

  • When building teams, Almas provides a fourth-generation solution to eliminate bias and subjectivity while
  • Helps to promote a wider range of knowledge in a company’s ecosystem, mapping current vs. target cultures to hire effectively and retain strategically
  • Creates insight to help organizations let team members know their unique contributions are respected and valued

Talent Acquisition Leaders

Talent acquisition leaders have had it tough since the Great Resignation commenced. According to a report from McKinsey and Co., which surveyed more than 13,000 people across the globe, almost 40% of workers are considering quitting their current jobs in the next 3-to-6 months. This puts a whole new pressure on talent acquisition leaders.

With many hires now happening via the screen, however, how can talent acquisition leaders still engage with the candidates from the get-go? And how can they do it in a way that goes beyond the limited view of a screen and the restricted context allotted from a resume? Almas provides a fourth-generation solution that gives companies the people-centric data they need, helping them to onboard effectively and retain employees for the long-term.

Effective, unbiased, and efficient recruitment

76% percent of hiring managers admit attracting the right job candidates is their greatest challenge. Talent acquisition leaders need to ensure that they can measure human capabilities in a streamlined, and objective way that leaves out unwarranted biases. No matter how many hoops there are to jump through, Almas helps companies streamline their different recruitment processes.

  • An equitable game-based method that measures talent without factors of bias
  • Accurately measures the human capabilities that companies need to be effective and efficient when assessing candidates
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions based on actionable business insight that increases engagement and reduces turnover

Take the guesswork out of interviewing

Talent comes in many shapes and sizes, and your company is just as unique as the spectrum of applicants you might have knocking at your door. Almas helps companies derive the actionable business data they need to take the guesswork out of the interview process and place the right people in the right place at the right time.

  • A proprietary simulation that measures talent effectively and efficiently
  • A platform validated for use across the global workforce for populations at any scale, which is able to plug into any HCM system or can be used standalone
  • Accelerates the decision-making process during hiring, while upholding equity initiatives

Accurate onboarding for the long-term

Companies with weak onboarding tend to lose new hires within the first year due to a lack of engagement and socializing with the company culture. Onboarding is more than just selecting the right candidate, it’s also making the effort to help new hires assimilate with the culture and understand what they need to know to be able to reach the full potential of their role.

  • A fourth-generation solution to help meet your company’s hiring goals through people-centric insight
  • A simulation that creates accurate decision-making scenarios, deriving actionable business data to better understand candidates’ human capabilities

Enables organizations to gain a greater understanding of workforce attrition

Talent Development Leaders

It was found that almost 70% of employees and leaders say culture is more important to business success than strategy and operations and 69% of leaders credit much of their success during the pandemic to company culture. Culture is essentially the environment that your organization provides for employees to thrive and grow, and achieving it has become extremely difficult in the increasingly remote work world.

Talent development leaders need actionable business data to be able to bind companies’ team members both near and far. Almas helps companies do this by providing metrics on your workforce’s human capabilities, providing a fourth-generation solution that helps you understand all of the defining features of your business’s unique culture.

Benchmarks for team-oriented culture

Every team is unique, which makes every culture distinctive—encompassed by the individuals that make a company one-of-a-kind. But without the data needed to understand the nuances of your company’s culture, it is very hard to track what makes a company unique. Armed with objective data needed to make 21st-century talent decisions, talent development leaders can help define a company’s culture.

  • Create a roadmap of human capabilities within your company to understand the capacity and breadth of your talent pool
  • People-centric data that helps to that can help promote evolution and change
  • Empower managers to derive the unique employee insight needed to promote a collaborative workforce community

Employee engagement for a bolstered workforce

Employees need to feel valued in order to perform and excel at a company. Managers across departments need to understand employees’ perspectives to help drive productivity and engagement—which will ultimately lead to better retention. Alma’s cutting-edge, immersive, game-based method combines contextual video, situational simulation, and cognitive tests to measure more than a dozen high-demand human skills.

  • Meeting people where they are: Increase retention by offering learning and development opportunities to high-potential employees
  • People-centric data to help unearth employee potential and identify high-performance individuals
  • Actionable business data to increase performance and improve employee retention

A highly productive and affable workplace

Helping people work better together, and creating more effective, agile teams is key to creating a productive workplace. Talent development leaders need people-centric data to be able to understand all of the inner workings of their workforce and find ways to make all of these different parts work harmoniously. With actionable business data, talent acquisition leaders can steer companies toward the employees that make their business possible.

  • Actively measure, manage, and build teams aligned to current business and cultural strategies
  • Actionable business data that increases performance and improves employee retention
  • Generate a healthy environment where different walks of life, across different roles and departments, can thrive.
  • Promote collaboration across your organization in an easy, scalable way


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