People Driven Data

Almas offers a cutting-edge approach to integrating objective, human-driven data into the management of your workforce. The Almas analytics platform helps companies to determine where employees and candidates are a good fit, identifies high-performance individuals, builds more effective professional growth plans, and enables organizations to gain a greater understanding of workforce attrition.

The Problem

A lack of reliable soft skill data. Objectively quantifying human skills at scale hasn’t been an option.

To date, the hiring sector has been thinking inside of the box doubling down on dated methods that increasingly don’t work for successful candidate placement, talent development, or other critical aspects of talent strategy. This keeps occurring because objectively quantifying human skills at scale hasn’t been an option.

The Solution

The key to objectively and accurately measuring human skills requires the evaluation of work-relevant behaviors via a demonstrated performance in the context of the employer and their industry.

The key to objectively and accurately measuring human skills requires the evaluation of work-relevant behaviors via a demonstrated performance in the context of the employer and their industry

The Application

Our solution leverages gamification, cognitive assessment, video analysis, and more into a single elegant experience.

Almas uses real world simulations to collect actionable business data that can be used to make more informed, un-biased decisions about your most important asset – your people..

What Are They Saying?

“The professional growth and development of our people is one of our top priorities. By working with Almas we customized our programs and learning systems and delivered better results with field professionals.”

Learning and Development Director at a national healthcare organization

“I want to be able to offer a more interactive student experience and allow students to utilize some of the concepts and skills that are taught in the course. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that I implemented the simulation into the curriculum for all of my online classes this semester.”

Mihran Aroian, Ph.D., Lecturer, University of Texas McCombs School of Business

“We are facing some of the greatest challenges we’ve ever seen in the areas of organizational change and attrition. Almas provided us with data that enabled us to better focus our efforts and get a handle on how our company is changing.”

HR Executive at a national retailer

“This Spring semester, I used the Recurrence Signature Case Study in a large undergraduate Intro-to-OB class. There were two things that stood out. First, the business simulation was very approachable and easy to navigate for the students. It provided a unique opportunity for them to experience how it’s like to run a large company. Second, the support by Recurrence has been exceptional throughout the entire semester. Every time I had a question, I could be sure to receive a detailed and highly qualified response within a few hours. I look forward to using the simulation game again the next time I’m teaching this class.”

Oliver Schilke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Arizona Eller College of Management

Almas provided the actionable business data they promised. By using HCAD we were able to more accurately target our HiPo’s (High Potential Individuals) and find the right people from our vast pool of candidates.”

Field Sales HR executive at a major Telecommunications Company

“I first implemented The Signature Case Study last fall in my graduate-level leadership class. The students’ experience was so positive – because they learned while having fun – that I chose to use the game again this spring. The game is a great tool that brings leadership styles to life for students. They experience virtually what they are learning in course readings, debates, and discussions.”

John J. Sosik, Ph.D., Professor of Management and Organization, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies.


There is a clear need demonstrated for a paradigm shift in the business sector’s talent process—from hiring to retirement—and we at Almas believe we can be the catalyst. Almas offers a cutting-edge, immersive, game-based method that combines contextual video, situational simulation, and cognitive tests to measure more than a dozen high-demand human skills.

Human skills are rapidly becoming the key piece of missing data in talent management because they’re hard to measure and self-reporting has a track record of failure. Almas helps any organization procure the accurate, objective data needed to make 21st-century talent decisions, and our solution has been validated for use across the global workforce for populations at any scale.

Spawned from almost a decade of research, and supported by the National Science Foundation, Almas has been tested in dozens of leading universities around the world and is now ready for business. We aim to provide a solution that can revolutionize the business world now, and in the future. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your HCM system or can be used standalone. In addition to our validated framework, we can help you benchmark, analyze, and verify your own competency model with the support of our rapid process and trusted channel partners.

Making it simple, fast, and easy to get your organization quality human skill data will help overcome some of the most pressing talent challenges many modern organizations face. Almas can increase performance, improve employee retention, and provide data-driven business insight. Our proprietary approach to human skill data drives business insight and performance and provide you with a critical tool in addressing recruitment inequality—replacing subjective bias with objective merit. 
Everyone has a place where they have a shot at being a rockstar, our mission is to get every individual to that place.


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