The Human Capabilities Analytics Dashboard


HCAD is a data analysis system that collects human capability data and then makes that data available for analysis and decision support through a comprehensive analytic dashboard. HCAD consists of two major components: data creation and collection, and data dash-boarding and analysis. In order to create and collect data, individuals are asked to play a 30-40 minute game on a PC, Laptop or mobile device. During the game, they are placed in situations that ask them to make decisions that provide critical information about their human capabilities. If the game is played as an individual, that person will receive a personal profile of their human capabilities. If a person participates as part of a team, or an organization, the resulting data is made available in through a comprehensive data dashboard allowing for in-depth analysis and decision support.


The Personal Edition of HCAD is intended for individuals that would like to learn more about their most prevalent human capabilities. Upon the completion of the game, you will receive a personalized report that will reflect your individual profile. You can use this data to better understand your approach to making choices and to look at areas of further growth and development.


The Team Edition enables groups of individuals to play the game and then the data is made available not only to the individual, but to the team leader as well. The team leader is able to view that data through a set of interactive reports that allows them to further analyze and assess the results of the team members. This data can be used to better understand employee needs and opportunities, as well as provide additional support for organizational challenges, such as organizational change and talent acquisition.


HCAD scales easily to allow large organizations to easily implement, customize and integrate a solution that works within their unique work environment. The Workplace Edition delivers a core system with a wide selection of options to choose from, this allows you to design a solution that works best for you. If your organization requires a completely customized solution to meet your needs, then The Enterprise Edition would be your best option. No matter what your requirements might be, contact us and we will work with you to ensure you have your ideal solution delivered quickly and easily.


The Talent Insight Snapshot (TIS)™ utilizes the data created by The Almas Index™ to create a capabilities and attrition view of a selected group within your organization. The Almas Index takes more than 40 demonstrated behaviors into account and creates a “gemstone” for each individual user across cognitive, emotional, dispositional, interactive and social dimensions. In short, a comprehensive view of the individual including how they prefer to think, behave, understand and interact with others. 


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